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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a member?

African Writers Trust is not a membership body. We’re working instead to connect writers to writers. You can join us on facebook, fbgroup, and linkedin to contribute/participate in discussions, comments, updates, etc. This applies to readers, friends, writers whether aspiring, established, emerging, distinguished, published… You can participate in person in our activities – workshops, competitions, etc – when we are in your area.

How can I participate in or contribute to your activities?

Our goal is to connect with all writers and find supportive ways to work together. Currently, for the web site, we are interested in creative literary news, articles, essays and reviews on books by African authors in Africa and the Diaspora. So if there’s any book (fiction, poetry or memoir/essays) that you think you can review for us we would be grateful. What we can do in return is to showcase your site or links to your own writings, so visitors to our site can read about you. Include a brief bio and link to your creative/literary books or blogs.

Our projects on the ground include workshops, competitions, and more. Please see Our Projects. We’re always interested in possible collaborations, volunteers, and so on. But we do have limited funds and resources. If you have projects related to what we do, or where we might be able to contribute, please let us know.
(To support us financially, please contact: gorettiATafricanwriterstrust.org).

How can I benefit from your activities?

We will post/announce events and activities such as upcoming workshops, conferences, mentorship programs, and Internships on our website, and let you know when and how to apply.

I am a new writer living in Rwanda, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and so on. But I lack a platform for my writing. I’m looking for a home. How can I be helped?

Do a little research to see if in your area has students writing clubs or any writing/book club for that matter, and join or start one. You’ll be surprised how many people out there appreciate having a forum to discuss their writing and related passions. Find out what’s happening in the Lit department, for instance (if there is a lit department at your school/univ). Talk to the media journalists who may be interested in poetry, fiction, personal essays and so on. Read the books they’ve reviewed, and ask them to connect you with the writers they know. Consider your community as well and see if there’s any conversation regarding writing, publishing, and book clubs. If you have access to interwebs, Google, Bing and Yahoo search! There are plenty of writers groups you can join and learn a thing or two about writing, reading, publishing, editing your work, and finding others in the same trade.

How can I get my stories/manuscripts published? I’m also available for any freelance writing work.

We only publish book reviews and literary/cultural news on our blog site. If you can write book reviews for us on any African authored literary book of your choice, we would be glad to publish it. Visit publishers’ sites like Kwani, Femrite, Farafina, Baobab, Longhorn, Amalion, Storymoja, Random House, Macmillan, Picador, and so many others. Contact them on their websites and see what they’re interested in. A quick google search will also bring you results of other publishers.

I wish to know more about the African Writers Trust. Can you email me any newsletters or brochures that talk about your activities?

All our activities and updates are included on our site. You can also subscribe to our mailing list on the website.

I would like to link with African owned book publishers. My work is exclusively AFRICAN.

We are a network of writers not book publishers. Try a web search for African book publishers like Kwani, Baobab, Longhorn, Farafina, Amalion, Femrite, and so on.

I have been trying to get my first book published locally but have realized that it is not possible due to the amount of cash required. Kindly advise me on cheap publishers.

Normally, you shouldn’t be paying a publisher to issue your book. Unless you’re using a printer, not publisher, which would mean self-publishing and you’d therefore be the one to sell your books. However, some things have changed from traditional publishing, and all kinds of contracts are open. Beware of quacks though, who will take advantage of writers. You want to steer clear of those until you’re sure that you want to self publish, in which case a printer or some online presence would do, and you’re totally in charge. Discuss with folks who have published in your area for advice, and get your search boots on for publishers who may be willing to take on your work without charging you. You may also start a conversation to hear from others around the world the latest in publishing via our linked in discussions.

I’m Interested in submitting blogs and literary news

Welcome. Use our contact page to submit your blog and literary/cultural news.