Local sightings, global visions: results from AWT’s workshop for new writers

Some small good news for those who worry that East Africa is a literary dwarf, desert, or disrespectful “d” word of choice. In February and March 2010, AWT sponsored a workshop for college writers to learn more about the professional craft and about publishing opportunities both inside and outside of Africa. We thank Diana Nabiruma of Observer for her excellent coverage in the news article Writers in drive to groom literature talent. And we share in the joy expressed by Uganda Christian University at the success of two of their students, Daniel Omaya and Priscilla Namirimu, at the AWT workshop.
Africa on the globe
AWT will be holding this competition again in Uganda next year, and expanding it to other nations in the region. Our long-term goal: a pan-African, pan-Diaspora gathering and workshop for newly emerging and aspiring writers.


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