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As we struggle with the loss of Chinua Achebe

Goretti Kyomuhendo [quote style=”boxed”]Hence, my journey and inspiration as a writer started the day I read Things Fall Apart, though I did not know it then.   — Goretti Kyomuhendo, 2012.  [/quote] African Writers Trust would like to hear your thoughts…

Free Word Centre

African Book Festival upcoming–Oct 26 & 27–at Free Word Centre, London.

Straight from the organizers’ website: ‘The African Book Festival evolved out of an earlier event run by Nii Ayikwei Parkes, called the African Book Mark, as a response to complaints about a lack of range of books from Africa in bookstores….

Kyomuhendo and Baingana

A feast of Words and Wine for Ugandan Writers

Two writing and mentoring workshops for emerging Ugandan writers kicked off at the end of October 2011, running through the first week of November at the Uganda National Museum in Kampala.  The workshops were organised by African Writers Trust, (AWT)…

Beatrice Lamwaka

Beatrice Lamwaka interviews Goretti Kyomuhendo

Quite a detailed one on African Writers Trust. Beatrice Lamwaka was recently shortlisted for the Caine Prize 2011 for her short story,  Butterfly Dreams. In this interview, Kyomuhendo highlights the beginning, current status and vision of the Trust. Click here…

Dr. Susan Kiguli

Finding money for the arts

By Goretti Kyomuhendo In my 15 years as a cultural worker, I don’t remember any one moment when I found it easy to raise funds to do my work. It has always been a struggle. Culture, and any work related…