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The poetry workshop translation team -- what does that mean?

The poetry workshop — an Africa-China first in Guangdong Province!

To the best of our — African Writers Trust and Shantou University — knowledge, the recent poetry workshop conducted by Mildred Barya of AWT was the first example of representatives from an African cultural organization meeting with representatives from a…


A quick look at literary blogs and news across the Diaspora

Jackee Budesta Batanda, as well known in some circles for her journalism as for her prize-winning fiction, posted recently (18 October 2012) on the policing of social media in Uganda, and its potential chilling effects on citizen involvement, participation, and…

Uganda Museum

Beyond The Writing Role

Often a writer is expected to play a major role in society, not only as a cultural agent through writing but also as an activist and well, change agent, giving timely views and opinions on whatever is going on or…