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The Magic of Satire: Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Wizard of the Crow

Reviewed by Lisa Clements At the risk of falling under criticism for being too reductive, the strain of hardship in contemporary and past African living in magical realism seems to be countered by three things: resilient courage, a faith in…


Messages Left Behind, a collection of poems

A good poem is as large as a novel. Consider this poem from Messages Left Behind, by Lupenga Mphande, published in 2011 by Brown Turtle Press. How Long She Waited For You Every night She came out And sat on…


Where is the Great African Novel?

Good folks, I’m late bringing you May/June happenings, pardon me. In case you missed the International dialogue we organized on 31st May at Fairway Hotel, Kampala, from 5-7pm, here’s a chance to feed your eyes, at least. We had policy…