Revitalizing Uganda’s writing scene…and the neighbors

Nii with workshop participants

At the invitation of African Writers Trust, Nii Ayikwei Parkes was in Uganda as Writer-in Residence to facilitate a ten-days writing workshop, perform his poetry, and also speak about his role as a cultural activist as Author of the Month at the Monday Readers and Writers club hosted by FEMRITE.

Writing is toiling

The writers in Rwanda, upon hearing that Nii was in Uganda, sent him an itinerary which he couldn’t say no to, so he flew there. However, I haven’t been furnished with details of his trip to Rwanda, so I’ll confine myself to his time in Uganda, captured by Jackee Batanda. This just shows how wonderful it is to go beyond borders and connect African writers, who for a very long time have been isolated by geographical divides.

There are ways, listen…

Ambitious as it sounds, African Writers Trust plans to continue connecting not only the writers in Africa but also with those in the Diaspora. One steady step at a time. If the imagination cannot limit us, why should the Berlin yoke?

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