Bringing you news of “The Forgotten Writers” Foundation

By Mahmoud Mansi

The Forgotten Writers Foundation is a non-profit social project we started in Egypt after the Egyptian revolution to support “Democracy through Literature” and the uprising of women all over the world, through literature and art.

The first activity was a workshop of short stories about the revolution by twelve Egyptian residents. Following that, the Foundation issued its first international short story competition under the title: “Resurrection of Ancient Egypt.”

Currently, the Foundation has released its 2nd global/international short story competition under the topic: “Women’s Domination.” The aim of this competition is to measure how different cultures/genders define having free, dominant and powerful women in their society. An analysis will be written on this theme and published with the winning stories.

Our Mission is to reveal the depth of Egyptian Literature to the rest of the world. We are working on publishing the first book and translating the winning stories into Arabic. Our aim is to discuss the problems of our world through Art, because art usually united people. In the end, Politics and Art has always inspired one another, thus one will not survive without the other.

For more guidelines posted on our blog.

Mahmoud Mansi is an Egyptian writer and author of the book: A Journey from Darkness to Light.

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