The 7 Dictators Playwriting Competition

Forgotten-writters-1The competition encourages writers to write about the 21st century dictators in a fictional play. Dictators in politics, economics, movies, religion… etc. The competition is organized by “The Forgotten Writers Foundation” from Egypt and “Democracy Chronicles Newspaper” from New York.

For more details, follow the link here

Other ongoing 2014 Competitions

The Messengers’ Writing Competition (Deadline: 25th of October 2014 – English Submissions – 200 to 500 words)

Unsold Stories Writing Competition (Deadlines: 1st of December 2014 – English Submissions – 1500 to 5000 words)

The Umm Kulthum Story Competition (Deadline 1/1/2015 – Arabic Submissions – 1500 to 2000 words)


For any questions please contact Mahmoud Mansi:

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