Review of MOONSCAPES, an anthology of short stories and poetry from East Africa.


moonscapesIn 2012 African Writers Trust (AWT) launched an editorial and publishing programme which aimed to help writers and editors who wished to pursue a career in the publishing industry.In implementing this program, the AWT aims to create a sustainable model, which will address the critical shortage of editors and other publishing professionals in Africa through training, internships, mentorship and support to gain publishing experience.

After the third  Editorial and Publishing Training workshop in 2015, AWT commenced on the creation and publication of an anthology, with submissions of short stories by workshop alumni from 2012 – 2015, which birthed MOONSCAPES.

On Friday 23rd of September 2016, AWT successfully launched the anthology.

Bamuturaki  Musinguzi of The East African, a weekly publication focusing on economic and political issues reviewed this anthology on Saturday 19th November 2016. He says,

Short stories and poems put together in a collection provide a reader with the opportunity to sample different writing styles, traditions, tastes, themes and topics told from an array of perspectives… One of the outstanding stories for me was The Stone Baby, by Tanzanian Adelina Mbekomize. It tackles the clash between Christianity, Islam and traditional beliefs…”

You can read his review here

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