Professional Training Workshop for Creative Writers

African Writers Trust is planning a Professional Training Workshop for Creative Writers under the topic:  Mastering the Challenges of Fiction to be held at the Fairway Hotel, Kampala-Uganda from 9th -10th September 2019. The workshop will be led by novelist and distinguished professor of creative writing Okey Ndibe . The training will target both practising and emerging writers who wish to develop their writing to high, international publishing standards and to add quality to their manuscripts- in-progress.  The workshop will focus on inspiring, guiding and challenging participants to produce good literature.  

Okey Ndibe,author of the novels Foreign Gods, Inc. and Arrows of Rain as well as
a memoir, Never Look an American in the Eye (winner of the 2017 Connecticut Book
Award in the nonfiction category).


Using assigned stories as well as writing exercises, the workshop will explore common challenges writers of fiction face, and discuss the tools and strategies for achieving the promise and potential of each work of fiction. In addition, the workshop will consider such broad questions as:

  1. Why is fiction important?
  2. Experience vs. imagination: Where does the writer’s material come from?
  3. What choices must a writer make as s/he grapples with a story?
  4. What does it take to enchant the reader?
  5. Why must a writer make peace with the arduous process of revision?


The Workshop will be delivered at three levels:

  • Training and imparting skills and knowledge

A combination of presentations and in-workshop exercises will be used to enable participants to sharpen their skills in different areas of fiction.

  • Professional guidance and support to grow and thrive as a writer

The workshop leader will share his personal experiences and tips on how to grow and thrive as a writer, alongside other guest speakers.

  • Public Dialogue on the topic: ‘Is Literature Useless?’  

The discussion will be open to the general public and will attract writers, students and teachers of literature, policy makers, and other stakeholders in the literature sector. A high-profile panel will lead the discussion, and you will be invited to contribute your opinions, and to listen to and challenge other views.

Who can participate?

  • Practising writers with work-in- progress who wish to improve and add quality to their writing.
  • Emerging Writers who are looking to develop their writing to publishable standards.


  1. The opportunity to network and interact with fellow writers from different locations
  2. The opportunity to discover what you can achieve with your writing and talent
  3. The opportunity to learn about writing and publishing prospects for writers 


You will be required to pay a participation fee of UGX 150,000 OR USD40. The fee entitles you to: 

  1. Meals and refreshments for two days (9th and 10th September), including a)Morning break tea with a snack, b)Lunch with water or soft drink
  2. Conference materials include: Pen, paper, handouts.

How to apply

Please click on the link below to download the Application Form.


For additional information and queries please contact:

Racheal Kizza


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