Digital Earth Fellowship Open Call 2020-2021

The second edition of Digital Earth Fellowship 2020-2021 Open Call is online! The Digital Earth Fellowship will welcome 8 artists from around the world, who, throughout the period of 9 months will receive a €13.500 stipend, sessions with acclaimed artists and scholars, and collective research groups and participation in partner events and exhibitions. Application deadline is 17 July 2020. More information is available on our website:

Planet Earth senses itself through a gigantic swarm of satellites and a multitude of smart city sensors scans the flows below and above its surface. Has a planetary sensorium emerged which can help us to imagine alternate possibilities for the digital planet and new ways of living together? For which Earth do we create our intellectual, cultural, and artistic interventions? 

Digital Earth is a think tank of artists and scholars who are interested in the growing presence of the digital and its impact on the planet. Our aim is to produce, through artistic practice, new ways of knowing the inextricable planetary conditions propelled and mediated by digital technologies. Our fellowships provide resources, tools, community, and amplification to artists. We organise events, curate exhibitions, and share the research and findings of our community on Medium and in our upcoming publication, Vertical Atlas.

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