SSA Arts Cultural Exchange Open Call

The Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Arts Cultural Exchange is an Open Call to provide grants to cultural organisations, festivals, artists, and creatives between the countries of SSA* and the UK to create art, build networks, collaborate and develop markets​ and share artists’ work with audiences.

The call for applications is open to:

·         artists, 

·         arts organisations, 

·         festivals,

·         arts professionals

·         creative sector researchers 

Working across all art forms (Architecture, Design and Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, Theatre and Dance, Visual Art).  

Individuals and organisations in participating countries (see eligibility criteria below) can apply for grants in three categories:

·         Research: Grants to undertake research between SSA and UK arts and creative sectors. Research may take the form of meeting with potential arts partners; finding out more about the arts ecosystem in a particular country; gaining an understanding of artistic trends; meeting artists and/or attending events and festivals. Applicants should share research outcomes in a public format of their choice, for example, a diary, blog, photoblog, an event, or a film. (Grants up to £5,000)

·         New Connections: Grants to support new or early-stage collaborations between artists, arts professionals, and partners in SSA and the UK. Projects can include research and development but must include at least one public event, online and/or in-person (in line with COVID regulations in-country). Applications from organisations or individuals who have little or no experience of working internationally and are establishing new connections are particularly welcome. The collaboration we seek MUST be between  Artists/Organisations in one of the listed African Countries (see eligibility section below) and UK-based Artists/Organisations. (Grants between £5,000 – £10,000)

·         New Art Co-Creation: Grants to support larger-scale collaborative projects by individuals or organisations in SSA and the UK. Projects should result in new art being created and shared with audiences online or face to face. Applicants should already have established working relationships with their partners and a track record of delivering collaborative projects. Projects must include public-facing activities in the eligible countries. The collaboration we seek MUST be between Organisations in one of the listed African Countries (see eligibility section below) and UK-based Organisations. (Grants between £20,000 – £30,000)

To apply for the Cultural Exchange Open Call visit the British Council website.

See project examples on the FAQ page

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