Day Five: The Publishers` Ecosystem

Ellah Wakatama Allfrey started the final programme with the words, “I want us to imagine.” She then invited participants to imagine their particular projects and consider in what ways they see their projects changing and transforming the creative spaces in their home contexts.

In the group conversation, participants communicated concrete publishing goals and how they hoped to achieve these goals. It was an excellent session to help participants to be focused and practical in their thinking.This followed a time of reflecting on all that has been considered and gleaned over the past week, where participants were encouraged – as a group of emerging publishers—to come up with a ‘Charter for enhancing our creative economies’ in terms of what they will individually and collectively work towards to nurture and develop the publishing landscape in East Africa.

What a week this has been! A full and packed programme—full of interactive activities, engaging conversations and opportunities for mutual learning. All that has been offered through this programme has given participants much food for thought as they go back into their creative spaces and contexts and apply all that they have learnt and/or discovered through the programme sessions. It really has been an enriching programme. And, we look forward to following the publishing journeys of all our participants in the coming months and years.

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