KUONYESHA ART FUND, a local Arts support initiative by CivSource Africa.

Kuonyesha is a Swahili word that means to show/exhibit. Through Kuonyesha Art fund, we will show, depict, highlight, elevate, spotlight, support and celebrate the Arts in Uganda starting with the three regions of Kampala, Karamoja and Gulu.

Kuonyesha Art fund supports all individual artists and collaboratives, collectives of artists.  Kuonyesha Art fund believes in consciously uplifting women and differently-abled artists.

Who can apply?

The Kuonyesha Art Fund acknowledges that there are numerous types of Arts in Uganda, and therefore, the fund will focus on the following categories:

​1.Visual Arts (e.g. Painting, sculpture, weaving, fashion, woodcut printing etc.

2.Literature (including publishing)

3.Audio-Visual (graphics & animation)

4.Dance & Music

5. Theatre and Film

6.Folklore/Spoken word

7.Arts research

8.Combination of arts disciplinaries


For information on the application process,follow link:https://www.kuonyesha.civsourceafrica.com/how-to-apply?fbclid=IwAR2YQBuqeqRoTAB05fleUs2nnGOXNM5RTwepmXeMocsGk1vjkie4dA9_lCo

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