Lessons from the AWT Informative Seminar by Julius Odeke.

First, I wish to say: “Thank you for admitting me into the AWT Informative seminar.” As a journalist and an upcoming writer, I learnt a lot about what the writing and publishingindustry requires of writers. And I strongly believe that AWT will continue mentoring me with great writing and narrative skills, especially on how to make an excellent manuscript that can be accepted by publishing houses.

In that seminar, it added value to the little knowledge that I had before as I have two manuscripts that I have so far penned down despite the fact that, I failed first to attract competent editors who can help me to look through the manuscript.

In the seminar, what stood out for me was the Ghostwriting session that was facilitated by Gawaya Tegulle. This came at the right time when I had all along been thinking about how I can participate in the writing of people’s biographies, and autobiographies. Many times, when I would approach those people whom I would think can make the best narrative stories, they would turn me away yet in actual senses, as a writer, I can still engage them as a Ghost Writer and they pay for my labour.

Relatedly, I never participated in conversations with many people since most of the participants were female writers. It seemed to me though that everybody present in the seminar came with a friend or knew others before something that made it hard for me to network with them easily – so I really missed out.

In a nutshell, I need mentorship on how I can structure my story idea which helps to make an excellent manuscript.

Julius Odeke is a Ugandan journalist and Media Trainer.

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