African Book Festival upcoming–Oct 26 & 27–at Free Word Centre, London.

Straight from the organizers’ website: ‘The African Book Festival evolved out of an earlier event run by Nii Ayikwei Parkes, called the African Book Mark, as a response to complaints about a lack of range of books from Africa in bookstores. He invited publishers to send books at a discount and, where possible, authors to the Poetry Cafe and sales ensued – much more than anyone expected. The next year the event ran again, in partnership with the Free Word Centre in Farringdon, with a panel of writers and readers from Africa. Based on the positive response, the festival was developed.’

Free Word Centre
The African Book Festival showcases writing from Africa, and celebrates publishers and editors who have worked to put literature from Africa into print.

Goretti Kyomuhendo will be speaking at the festival on History-Imagined Futures.

For more details, venue, etc, check the site.


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