Saraba Magazine publishes The Poet of Sand by Umar Sidi


Saraba Magazine is pleased to release a new poetry chapbook by Umar Sidi, The Poet of Sand. In this collection of 34 pages, Sidi’s poems are bold, defiant, enchanting and metaphysical. The chapbook is published with an introduction by Richard Ali, editor-in-chief of Sentinel Nigeria online magazine. This collection is second in a series of chapbooks by poets in Nigeria whose poems are genre-bending and exciting.

Umar Sidi is a helicopter pilot with the Nigerian Navy. His debut collection of poems Striking the Strings is coming out with Origami (Parresia) soon. He lives in Lagos.

The chapbook is free and downloadable on our website

Praise for The Poet of Sand

“This poet is daring and audacious, treading and challenging the inviolable and the sacred, and brazenly querying the very meaning of life.” USMAN AKEEL

Sidi transports the reader in this playful tour-de-force, where genealogy and geography blend indiscriminately, where poetic context is annotated, parsed, and jettisoned for the sake of a deeper taste of the universal. JOANNE ARNOTT

From the Introduction—

“Epical in scope, Umar Abubakar Sidi’s poems draw in a cast ranging from a 13th century Persian poet to contemporary American ones, borrowing a wealth of allusions liberally from Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion and from the street just around the corner, all made elegant in a template decidedly inspired by Sufi thought.”

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