African Writers Trust @ 10

When African Writers Trust journey started in 2009, we knew that we wanted to make a difference in the book sector in Africa, particularly in publishing.   Over the years, we have focused on implementing holistic, long term programmes aimed at building a viable publishing infrastructure on the continent through training, mentorship, internships, skills development and on-going support to gain publishing experience. Our alumni are spread over 12 countries in Africa, and they have gone on to establish themselves as publishing professionals in their respective countries.

AWT was born out of a need to connect, support and promote interactions between African writers and publishing professionals in the Diaspora and those on the continent, hence bridging the geographical spaces that divide us. Under this mandate, we organize a biennial international writers conference, which brings together writers and publishing professionals from Africa and its Diaspora to debate pertinent issues affecting them.  

As we celebrate 10 years, we would like to thank everyone who has been  part of our journey; who has had an encounter with AWT. Without your support, we might not have grown to 10 years. We also believe that our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead.  


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